UK Immersion Program November 2017

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“A Great Experience in Learning”

UK Immersion Program November 2017

The journey began on Sunday, November 12, 2017 when 31 students and 2 teachers flied away from Indonesia to United Kingdom. We arrived in Manchester Airport and off we went to Yorkshire. A long trip of 16 hours, transited in Abu Dhabi, made us all need to charge our energy.

Arrived in Rishworth School where the famous Ed Sheeran went to school when he was a kid, we were picked up by the host parents and school buses who drove and dropped us off in each host parents and hotel for the teachers.


The next day, Monday, would be a big day for all of us as we would go to Rishworth School and meet the school members there. The Principal, the teachers as well as the students.

We were gathered in an Assembly Hall. There, we were welcomed and arranged to meet the principal of K-9 and the registrar officer Ms. Sutherland who took care of us for all needs.

The each of the students then had their buddies who accompanied them during the school days from November 13-17, 2017. They experienced studying in Rishworth School, joining several subjects covered during the week. They enjoyed studying there with lots of differences around them and learned the culture and school rules as well.

On Thursday, they had their performance watched by their buddies, the principals, some of the staff as well as some of the host parents. They presented Wonderful Indonesia packed with the performance of Angklung playing Ibu Kartini song and closed by Saman Dance. They got a round of applause from the audience. After the performance, the students became famous! Why? Because of the amazing Angklung play and Saman Dance! Wonderful! Everybody loves the performances especially the principal. He was so curious on how to play Angklung, so he asked us to teach him. We decided to give him the set of Angklung for the school to be played by the students of Rishworth. They put them in the music room. Thanks to Nakhwah J The Art Teacher was also astonished by the Angklung performance. She gave us her testimony as well. Excellent! But one thing that’s unbelievable was the Rishworth students who asked our students with their curiosity on how to dance Saman. So, on Thursday and Friday before leaving the school our Saman Dance team was so popular!

Friday was the last day of school. We only had the class until 09.00 o’clock Recess Time then off we went to Leeds. The boys and male teacher went to Central Islamic Center Mosque to have Jumah Prayer. The girls and female teacher went to Leeds to have free time shopping. The boys also had it after Jumah prayer and had lunch with the Imam in the mosque.

On Saturday, the students had their family time with their host parents.

Sunday morning, November 19, 2017 we left Yorkshire headed to Manchester by bus. We visited the Manchester United Museum in Old Trafford. The students experienced in sitting on the most expensive seats in the stadium. They also visited the players changing room. At the end of the tour they went to the Manchester United official store to shop. We had lunch after that and went straight to the hotel in Manchester to stay overnight.

Monday morning, we left Manchester to Cambridge by the same bus who took us from Yorkshire all the way to London as the last destination. Arrived in Cambridge, we were welcomed by the beauty of the city with its characteristics as one of the historical cities in Britain. Having a tour around Cambridge University with a Scottish Tour Guide who could speak English, of course ;) which spent approximately 1.5 hours, brought us to now and then. The city is like Yogyakarta, Indonesia, which has bicycle as one of the main vehicles as their local transportation there.

Away from Cambridge heading to London after lunch, we arrived in London at dinner time. After having dinner, we went to the hotel and have an hour rest before going to a souvenir stores. We went there by Tube, one of the fastest transportation there. Buying souvenirs for an hour or two then went back to the hotel.

Tuesday, November 22, 2017 was our last day of having a tour in London. Leaving the hotel by bus and a tour guide, we had a city tour that ended in the Buckingham Palace. From there we went to Oxford Street for… Shopping Time!! Leaving Oxford Street at 06.00 P.M. went straight to a restaurant to have dinner. Then, at the end of the day, we went back to the hotel, pack everything for tomorrow’s trip back to Indonesia.

Wednesday, November 23, 2017, we left the hotel to the airport. Just the same as the previous flight we flew with Etihad, transited in Abu Dhabi for an hour, then flew back to Indonesia. Arrived at approximately 02.30 P.M., the students were picked up by their parents and relatives already.

So… here we are, back to Indonesia, back to our family and back to school on Tuesday, November 28, 2017. Learning other cultures are one of the greatest experiences for all of us!